Riding With Your Seat

Hello all!

Lately in my lessons I have been working on riding completely from my seat and legs, using only my hands and arms as a bridge for contact through the horses mouth. It’s unbelievable the difference it has made to my riding, now to make a half halt I have to focus on stretching through my back and relaxing my seat. On Thursday, Spirit and I even tried passage which was thrilling!

However my legs don’t seem to agree with this, they’re getting quite a work out!

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!

2014 was an incredible year filled with many changes! At this time last year I had no idea that I would lease a horse, move barns, or start this blog. I hope everyone has had a fulfilling year!

My goals for 2015 so far include:

  • Clean my tack at least every two weeks
  • Do three shows
  • Trail ride two times a week (once the weather improves!)
  • Maybe do a clinic?
  • Audit more clinics

Cheers to a new year!

Spirit’s Unfortunate Event

Last week I arrived at the barn ready to ride after having two days off. However that excitement was cut short as I found Spirit’s eyelid twice its normal size with nasty cuts next to it. If that wasn’t bad enough Spirit then proceeded to sneeze blood all over me and I then saw that his eye was oozing blood too, something was very wrong.

It turns out Spirit has developed a rather bad habit of sticking his head under the fence to reach the grass as he can’t have any grass in his paddock. He must have banged his sinuses on the fence as he went to lift his head up which would explain  the swollen eyelid and the bloody nose. Luckily the vet said that he didn’t scratch his eye so that’s a relief! He had to have triple antibiotic eye drops and banamine twice a day for four days, and extra treats of course! After five days he is almost back to normal and his eye has gone back down to its normal size.

I’m going to get a bag for his hay that will slow down his eating (he doesn’t eat his hay, he inhales it) and hopefully that will stop him from trying to eat the grass!

Any suggestions on how to stop him from doing this would be much appreciated!

A Belated Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!!

Where I live we almost had a White Christmas, but instead of snow we had fog!

In April I had written a short story and sent it into the PONY magazine short story competition. For Christmas I received the PONY Annual, when I looked in the table of contents I saw the title of my story. My story was a runner-up! I was so surprised, that was the last thing I had expected! It was truly one of the best feelings.

I’m Back!

I haven’t posted in such a long time, my life has been pretty busy with school, mock trial, and riding!

Asia did not take to being a mentor for the new three year old!

Asia did not take to being a mentor for the new three year old!

In that time Spirit and I have started taking joint lessons with my mom which are actually really fun. We are now able to canter on a fifteen meter circle together! We have also done another dressage camp at our barn and it was especially helpful to review the changes made to the USDF tests. In every test you now need to halt and salute for a minimum of three seconds.

Asia has moved to a different field with one other horse who is also field board. It’s a very nice field and the run-in shed has a small tack room and grooming area attached to it! She is doing very well, the other day I saw her happily grazing by a herd of deer.

I hope everyone’s had a great weekend!

Daily Dose of Horse

I don’t know about you, but where I live the weather has been crazy! On Monday it was 70 degrees with a lovely breeze, Spirit and I went for a trail before our ride yet today I couldn’t even get out of my neighborhood because the entrance is blocked by cars that got stuck in the snow! I was so worried because Asia doesn’t have a sheet on since it was so warm yesterday, but the working student who lives at the barn said that she is in the run-in shed so that’s a relief.

In the meantime you have to get your daily dose of horse somehow! What are your favorite horse books or even books that horses in it?

My favorite horse book would have to be Black Beauty and my favorite book with horses in it would have to be The Lord of the Rings!

Staying Motivated for Winter Rides

I think most of us can find it a struggle to motivate yourself to ride when your fingers are numb and you can hear the wind howling, but there’s always one thing for each of us that seems to excite us about our upcoming winter rides. For me it’s being able to ride to classical music, I almost put on Christmas music but sadly it’s too early for that! I don’t know why but I always ride better when I listen to music, for example picking up the canter from the walk and collecting the canter like we did on Saturday came much more naturally to me when I rode to music. Spirit seemed to enjoy it too! Actually at one point in my ride I was practicing slowing him down just from my seat when all of a sudden he went to a complete halt. I was god-smacked, I mean it’s impossible to completely stop a horse just from your core. Well then Spirit lifted up his tail and went to the bathroom so that shook me out of my dream! 

What is one thing you can look forward to in your winter rides?

‘Tis the Season

‘Tis the Season…for thy viruses to spread…

Right now I am typing this with gloves after washing my hands a dozen times and waiting for a cup of tea to brew, why? Everyone in my family has this awful virus that makes you feel as though you are swallowing glass along with a pounding headache and a non stop cough. Let’s just say this is one of those things that I don’t want to have my family share with me.This also means that I had to cancel my lesson as my mom was exhausted and I probably won’t be able to go tomorrow, now I remember why I don’t like winter!

Spirit after our ride!

Spirit after our ride!

Okay my rants over, on the positive side my rides have been great these past two weeks! The most exciting thing we’ve tried are flying lead changes, they were a lot of fun! I’ve also worked on collection, counter canter, transitions, stretching, etc. I’m starting to get to know Spirit better now and he’s a funny horse! For one he’s always very neat and clean, he never gets to dirty and he also only goes to the bathroom in one corner of his stall. Spirit is very sweet and sometimes he’ll nicker when he sees me.

Asia after her groom!

Asia after her groom!

Asia has also been doing well and she’s grown a nice furry coat too!

Equestrian Confession

My Confession: I hate riding in the ring with other people.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m completely fine with riding with up to two other people. Then again who doesn’t love going into the ring and seeing it’s completely empty, then when you get on you can completely go into your ‘zone’ without trying to stay out of the way of anyone else?

I think this stems from previously boarding at a barn where you would have some people jumping a course and other people racing barrels in one ring AT THE SAME TIME! Trust me it was terrifying to watch, let alone riding in it.

Now this an unavoidable issue because the barn I board at is very busy as there are two trainers and three barns in total. For now we have the indoor and outdoor, but come the winter the indoor will become the only ridable ring.

Looking on the bright side I have no options except to get over this!

Can anyone else relate?